Press releases and CVE Related News

Dec 29th 2019 – Cricket Valley and the Fight for New York’s Energy Future

The state has pledged to drastically reduce carbon emissions. So why is a new natural-gas-burning power plant opening in 2020?

Nov 19th 2019 – Justin Nobel on CVEC protest, work shutdown

Citing Latest Climate Science, Nearly 30 Arrested Protesting New Natural Gas Plant in New York’s Hudson Valley By Justin Nobel • Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Aug 13th 2019 – NPRs All Things Considered Reports on new smog health study:

“We found that an increase of about three parts per billion [of ground-level ozone] outside your home was equivalent to smoking a pack of cigarettes a day for 29 years,” says one study author, Joel Kaufman, a physician and epidemiologist at the University of Washington. 

CVE will be emitting hundreds of tons per year of Ozone precursors, chemicals that are converted to ozone when they are released into the atmosphere.